TAPATHON, February 3rd

Sara Randazzo and Sole Full of Rhythm
A Fundraising Improvisational Event
Sunday, February 03
2:00 to 4:00 P.M. Randazzo Dance Studio

directed and choreographed by
Sara Randazzo
Rick Roe
with Master of Ceremonies
Curt Waugh
Sole Full of Rhythm Dancers
. . . and you


A very unique event is happening at Randazzo Studio on February 3rd. We’re hosting our first-ever Tap dance Improv-a-thon Fundraiser (a TAPATHON), starring award-winning jazz pianist Rick Roe and master of ceremonies Curt Waugh. These improv specialists want YOU to join them in this fun afternoon of dancing.

Dancers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome! (Randazzo loves non-dancers, too. We just want to share the joy of dance with you.) Bring your dancing shoes and come learn the national anthem of tap dance – the Shim Sham — and other famous tap moves in this celebration of art and music. Whether you come to participate yourself or just to watch the crowd, you will be taken on a journey that includes vocals, beat boxing and the art form of improvisational tap.

Bring your parents, your siblings, your ballet friends (your wallet) and anyone you know to join in on the fun!

For additional information or to hold tickets at the door, fill out the contact form on the bottom right of this page.